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Sprout boasts six medical school matriculants

Noor Kouki

Jul 13, 2022

“It’s so important to give back to your community. In our case, it just happened to be recognized.”

“What will you be when you grow up?” For six of our own at Sprout and S.T.E.M., the answer to that question feels more certain. The medical school application process, though long and arduous, has proven fruitful for our dedicated staff. And as a relatively small organization, it is remarkable to see so many members gain admission in the same cycle. Victor Hunt, Weston de Lomba, and Brenton Travers––all of whom serve on our Board of Directors––and Fatine Oliveira, a longtime tutor, will be staying in Providence as they prepare to attend the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. “Statistically speaking, it’s almost unheard of,” says Victor. “I think it’s a testament to our mission and the work we do at Sprout.” Adds Weston, “It’s so important to give back to your community. In our case, it just happened to be recognized.” Two additional Sprout and S.T.E.M. tutors will also be matriculating later this summer. Emma Shychuck, who served as a math tutor and worked with students at The Met School, will soon be starting at the West Virginia University School of Medicine. Emma is a champion of CPR education, particularly in local school systems, and shared her knowledge to host a CPR training course and certify our Board of Directors.

Emma Shychuck (left) and Brenton Travers (center) watch on as Weston de Lomba (right) gives chest compressions during a CPR certification course in November 2021.

“As someone who decided after college that medicine was what they wanted to pursue, I am so grateful to be in this position,” says Emma. When asked to reflect on her experience working with Sprout and S.T.E.M., she notes, “The organization helped me develop so many valuable skills. I encourage anyone who's looking to grow as a person to consider joining.” Lila Berle, who is currently a postbaccalaureate fellow at the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, served as an online tutor and mentor during the COVID era. Upon completing her fellowship, which focuses on tuberculosis research, Lila will be attending the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Sprout and S.T.E.M. is grateful for all of the hard work Victor, Weston, Brenton, Fatine, Emma, and Lila have put in over the past three years and we look forward to their continued success and future contributions as physicians.

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