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Daniel Carrero bound for London School of Economics

Victor M. Hunt

Apr 27, 2023

Daniel Carrero, a social advocate, storyteller, and tutor at Sprout and STEM, sets his sights on the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Congratulations to our very own Daniel Carrero, a tutor at Sprout and STEM, on his recent acceptance to the London School of Economics and Political Science. After spending a semester abroad at the University of Oxford his junior year, Daniel Carrero of Providence College ’23, will return to England to pursue a master's degree in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

As an author and podcaster, Daniel's commitment to community-building is best depicted by his storytelling. Using the written and spoken word, he's examined the hardships faced by young men in urban America while highlighting the accomplishments of peers who have overcome socio-cultural barriers.

He is also nearing publication of his first book, Twice Upon a Time There Was a Boy Who Died: Infinitum Memoria, an experimental novel written in an anthological format. It’s about what Carrero describes as “the existential masculine crisis in the modern day” and will be self-published in July.

“On a large scale, our society has notions of masculinity that in the context of low-income, immigrant communities like where I grew up, become really internalized and dangerous,” Carrero said. “I care very deeply for the young men I grew up with in Lawrence, Massachusetts. I am trying to represent their stories and lives. I got to go to college. I get to go to the London School of Economics. I get to share stories with the world. Those opportunities bring with them responsibility.”

We are thankful for knowing Daniel, applaud his social advocacy, and wish him the best in his academic endeavors!

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