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08/03/20 - UPDATE

Sprout and STEM has suspended its in-person summer learning opportunity due to the rising incidence of COVID19.

Sprout and STEM intends on posting short instructional videos and/or brief podcast-style audio clips focusing on topics and concepts in the sciences relevant to high school student curriculumWe want students to feel involved in the learning process, which is why we encourage you to submit recommendations for topics you may be interested in through the tab below. For example, a student may simply submit "Physics: gravity", or "Biology: prokaryotes". 


We look forward to hearing from you! 

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July. Weston DeLomba is a 2018 graduate of Connecticut College with a B.A. in physics and B.A. in biochemistry. Weston is employed as a medical scribe through Brown Emergency Medicine with intent to pursue a career in medicine. 


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Based in Providence, RI, Sprout and S.T.E.M. is a volunteer-based organization focused on providing the educationally disadvantaged with access to after-school supplementation. 

SAS understands the correlation between social resources and education. We aim to provide public high school students with professional networking, academic enhancement, and insight into post-secondary education.


SAS is largely comprised of Providence-area university students who donate their time to tutor and mentor young high school scholars. We are actively seeking additional mentors, and especially encourage those who are interested to browse the remainder of our page!

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