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Sprout and STEM is a volunteer-based organization with the goal of supplementing high school students who may otherwise lack the means to bolster their educational experience. The program provides the educationally disadvantaged with a variety of resources, such as tutoring and mentorship, and was established in July of 2019 in response to a state-funded review of the Providence public schools. The Johns Hopkins School of Education reported—among other discouraging findings—that the Providence public school system was in utter disarray. Ultimately, Sprout and STEM aims to advocate for the capital city's forgotten students, ameliorate educational disparities, and inspire the pursuit of post-secondary education.

Our organization is composed of and coordinated by undergraduate and graduate students representing regional academic institutions, including but not limited to: Brown University, Providence College, the University of Rhode Island, and Rhode Island College. While our mentors are diverse and individualistic, there is noticeable similarity in their collective character, ability, and integrity. And as our name implies, Sprout and STEM requires our tutors to demonstrate a strong understanding of the natural sciences.

Ultimately, we take great pride in our opportunity and ability to positively influence malleable high school students by inspiring them to achieve academic and professional success.​ Sprout and STEM welcomes any and all qualified individuals interested in contributing to our mission and we encourage potential tutors and mentors to browse the remainder of our page. Continue reading for additional information regarding session structure and tutoring responsibilities.

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Sprout and STEM
Scholarship Fund

Two  $500 Scholarships

Application Deadline: May 1

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Spring 2021


Based in Providence, RI, Sprout and S.T.E.M. is a volunteer-based organization focused on providing the educationally disadvantaged with access to after-school supplementation, such as tutoring and mentoring. 

SAS understands the correlation between social resources and education. We aim to provide public high school students with professional networking, academic enhancement, and insight into post-secondary education.


SAS is largely comprised of Providence-area university students who donate their time to tutor and mentor young high school scholars. We are actively seeking additional mentors, and especially encourage those who are interested to browse the remainder of our page!

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