Our Mission

Sprout and S.T.E.M. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports disadvantaged high school students through the provision of academic and financial resources. The organization has addressed academic disparities in public education by increasing the accessibility of tutoring, mentorship, and merit-based scholarships. Ultimately, Sprout and S.T.E.M. aims to improve learning outcomes, inspire professional development, and remove barriers to higher education. 

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Sprout and S.T.E.M.
Academic Scholarship

On June 11, several of our board members visited the MET High School in Providence to congratulate Michellet R.B., who was awarded a $500 scholarship based on her academic excellence and commitment to public service. Michellet will begin her undergraduate studies at the Community College of Rhode Island to study forensic science. 

TEDxBrownU Motion Conference

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Sprout and S.T.E.M. executive director Victor M. Hunt had the pleasure of speaking at the 2021 TEDx Motion Conference hosted by Brown University. This virtual event focused on the concept of motion in the context of art, research, and activism. Throughout his presentation, Victor discussed the forces that prompted him to found Sprout and STEM, a nonprofit organization focused on academic equity. 


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Academic Adjustments

Sprout and S.T.E.M. executive director Victor M. Hunt speaks with Daniel Keith of ABC Channel 6 to discuss the adjustments that students and schools are making in the wake of COVID-19.


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