A Tradition of Giving

With socioeconomic status being one of the greatest predictors of college acceptance, Sprout and S.T.E.M. recognizes the importance of providing hardworking students with financial resources. 

In 2021, dozens of key donations helped springboard the Sprout and S.T.E.M. Academic Scholarship Fund, which has since led to the delivery of six merit-based scholarships totaling in $3,000.

Recipients—all of whom being graduating seniors from urban public high schools—have demonstrated a strong commitment to academic excellence and community involvement, and declared intent to pursue college-level study in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. 

Past Recipients


I remember disassembling radios and toys, just to see how they operated, never scared of getting dirty, but having that no-fear attitude is what also got me electrocuted a couple of times. This interest in hands-on work led me to take formal education classes at the high school and college level, which helped me develop an interest in science and technology.

Matthew Guaman

The Met School, 2022

Roger Williams University | Engineering

In the end, I could not help but be drawn to science. Researching and learning how the world works just seems so exciting to me. Although I am still not sure if I want to have a more research-related career or be a part of the medical field, I hope to be able to help others while doing something I enjoy.

Annashelly Herrera, Valedictorian

Woonsocket High School, 2022

University of Rhode Island | Biological Sciences


My desire to become a pharmacist stems from when I saw people in my home country, Syria, suffering from the hardships of war. They did not have access to life-saving medicine due to the high costs, and I saw women, children, and men in the streets who needed help. Witnessing this as a young child made me realize that I must pursue medicine and help people in need.

Haneen Al Suwaidani

The Met School, 2022

University of Rhode Island | Pharmaceutical Sciences

As I sat trying to concentrate on my schoolwork, I came across an article by National Geographic for an assignment in my science class. It was this article that first introduced me to geology and its diverse career opportunities, and there, I began to truly understand the impact of S.T.E.M. on the study and preservation of nature.

Sofia DaSilva, Valedictorian

East Providence High School, 2022

University of Rhode Island | Geological Sciences