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Pre-medical students affiliated with Sprout and STEM and Brown Emergency Medicine are collaborating with the URI Pre-Health Organization to offer eight MCAT tutoring sessions between December 28 and January 21.

Participating tutors have scored in the 90th percentile and plan to review a variety of information pertaining to MCAT preparation. Session one involves an introduction to the MCAT, the registration process, and good studying habits, followed by commentary on resources that facilitate efficient studying, such as Anki and Jack Westin. Sessions two through eight review some of the most challenging science content tested on the MCAT.

A competitive score requires a strong understanding of the concepts presented throughout these sessions. It is important for students to realize that the MCAT is more concerned with their critical thinking ability rather than their memorizations skills, although an excellent score will absolutely require extensive memorization. With that said, tutors will dissect what appear to be reverberating topics into their underlying principles.

While sessions are technically free, we encourage participants to make a small donation of $5 per session on behalf of the Sprout and STEM Scholarship Fund. All proceeds from the campaign are allocated toward two $500 academic scholarships for a graduating high school senior pursuing careers in science or math.

Sample our Slides

Session 1

December 28

Introduction and


Session 2 Part 1

December 30

General chemistry.


Session 2 Part 2

December 30


Free-body diagrams.


Based in Providence, RI, Sprout and S.T.E.M. is a volunteer-based organization focused on providing the educationally disadvantaged with access to after-school supplementation, such as tutoring and mentoring. 

SAS understands the correlation between social resources and education. We aim to provide public high school students with professional networking, academic enhancement, and insight into post-secondary education.


SAS is largely comprised of Providence-area university students who donate their time to tutor and mentor young high school scholars. We are actively seeking additional mentors, and especially encourage those who are interested to browse the remainder of our page!

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