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Pre-medical students affiliated with Sprout and STEM (SAS) and Brown Emergency Medicine are collaborating with the URI Pre-Health Organization to offer eight MCAT tutoring sessions between December, 2021 and January, 2022.


Our instructors have taken the MCAT and scored above the 90th percentile, ensuring their familiarity with the test and understanding of upper-level science. Moreover, because the MCAT is typically tested in the context of medicine, instructors teach through the incorporation of clinical scenarios. 

Course Description

Most students are unaware that a great score is achieved by mastering the most commonly tested topics on the MCAT, rather than the most uncommonly tested. It is important to focus the majority of your study time on the basic but recurrent themes throughout the test. That being said, the SAS MCAT Prep Course prioritizes the instruction of high-yield science content, including: equilibrium, stereochemistry, Henderson-Hasselbalch, Snell's Law, action potentials, the Central Dogma, psychological disorders, functionalism, and strain theory.

A competitive score requires a strong understanding of the concepts presented throughout these sessions. It is important for students to realize that the MCAT is more concerned with critical thinking ability rather than their memorizations skills, although an excellent score will absolutely require extensive memorization. With that said, tutors will dissect reverberating topics into their underlying principles.


Session One involves an orientation to the MCAT, followed by commentary on studying habits and other recommended resources which facilitate efficient studying, such as Anki and Jack Westin. Sessions Two through Eight review the most challenging science content tested on the MCAT. Please note that the course does not offer instruction on the Critical Analysis and Reasoning section.

Sessions held from 7:00pm - 8:30pm via Zoom.

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Prep courses are advantageous, but those offered by Kaplan® and friends are restricted to those who can afford the expensive enrollment fees. To address this reality, SAS offers all pre-meds the opportunity to maximize their test score through our fairly priced MCAT Prep Course.


Sprout and STEM® MCAT Prep Course: $320

Blueprint MCAT®: $1,799

 Kaplan®: $2,499

The Princeton Review®: $3,399


We consider $320 to be far more reasonable than the price of courses offered by the "big boys."