Spring 2021
Sprout and STEM is accepting submissions as we continue to expand our first ever exhibit, The Gallery of Life.
The purpose of this gallery is to reinforce the idea that science is much more than rigid objectivity. Beauty is myriad, and we implore the scientific community to share the vantage points of their life's work - dye stains, fluorescent microscopies, and the like. Please enjoy what we consider to be a unique and colorful ensemble of life below the lens.
Those interested in supplementing the collection may submit their image to with a title for and description of the image. Participants retain all rights. 


Based in Providence, RI, Sprout and S.T.E.M. is a volunteer-based organization focused on providing the educationally disadvantaged with access to after-school supplementation, such as tutoring and mentoring. 

SAS understands the correlation between social resources and education. We aim to provide public high school students with professional networking, academic enhancement, and insight into post-secondary education.


SAS is largely comprised of Providence-area university students who donate their time to tutor and mentor young high school scholars. We are actively seeking additional mentors, and especially encourage those who are interested to browse the remainder of our page!

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